Dear parishioners of our church and all Wellingtonians!
We invite you to come at 2 p.m. on December, 15, 2018, to help us clean up the Wellington church of Christ the Saviour. Fallen branches and other debris have to be removed from the church yard. Also the church itself and the church hall are in need of a clean. All helpers will then be invited for a cup of tea and some sweet treats. We will be grateful for any help.



Meeting with priests.

Dear brothers and sisters!

We invite you to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Wellington on November 15 (Thursday) at 6:30 pm to meet with the priests Fr. Vladimir Boykov and Fr. Vyacheslav Maksimov from Auckland. The meeting will be held in the church hall where the fathers will talk about the life of Orthodox Christians in Russia and show pictures from the journeys. The entrance is free.


The Annual General Meeting


All members of the Church of Christ the Saviour in Wellington are notified that by the blessing of His Grace, Bishop George, the Annual General Meeting of the Parish will be held on 18 November 2018. The meeting will commence at 11:30 in the church hall.


1. Rector’s Address

2. Warden’s Address

3. Treasurer’s Report

4. Sisterhood Report

5. Auditing Committee Report

6. Election of the Starosta*

7. Election of Secretary and Treasurer

8. Election of Parish Council Members

9. Election of Auditing committee

10. Current Issues

If two thirds of eligible parish members are not present by 11:30, a second meeting will be called. That meeting will start one half hour later at 12:00 and will be a valid annual meeting regardless of how many parish members are present. Those members that have not yet paid their membership dues for 2018 may do so at any time before the meeting. 26 October 2018

The Parish Council

*The current Starosta, Vadim Chamritski, has asked to be relived of his duties before the end of his term, fro health reasons


Multicultural festival “Unity ” of Orthodox Christians.

Dear friends, brothers and sisters!
Welcome to multicultural festival “Unity ” of Orthodox Christians.
The program:
9:30 – Divine Liturgy in English
12:00 – Concert
13:00 – Lunch, fair.
We invite everyone!
November 3rd.
62 Darlington road, Miramar, Wellington.


Family celebration.

September 22, 2018 in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior Wellington was a family holiday. On this day, several families gathered with children to spend time, play active games and socialize. This day began with a children’s game with pirates and Barmaley.

There were many interesting contests: sports, music, and acumen.

At the end, all participants got sweet prizes and treats.



We invite you to the Sunday Liturgy.

October 14, 2018 in the Russian Orthodox Church in Wellington there will be a Divine Liturgy, headed by the Dean of New Zealand, Fr. Vladimir Boykov. We invite everyone to come to the temple that day and pray with us.


Family feast.

Dear Friends!

We warmly invite you to our Community “Cerebration of a Family” Event which will take place on September 22, 2018. Stars at 3pm. at Russian Orthodox Church in 62 Darlington Rd., Miramar.
The event program includes:
Sport, Creative and Intellectual contests for kids and grown-ups.
Prizes and gifts for winners and participants.

At 5:30 pm the Evening Prayer. Church Service.
At 6:30 pm (after the Church Service) there’ll be Supper and Birthday Party Concert of Fr. Aleksei and his friends.
“I can’t believe that I am 40?”
Everyone is welcome!
(Donations to the Church will be thankfully accepted).